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Chronicle of our house

Our guest house was built from 2004 - 2008. Earlier apricot trees and afterwards vines were planted on this estate. Since the "Wachauer Weinfrühling" 2008 the GästeHaus Denk is welcoming guests in Wösendorf.

At the end of the Winklgasse, just infront of the railway underpass of the "Wachaubahn", on the left side is the approach to our private parking lot.

From our five guest rooms you have a charming view over the winyards.

Our terrace is here for your restful stay.

Our guest house is specialised in the topic "wineholiday" und was priced with "4 Sonnen" by the regional association for private room hosts. A fotogallery exclusively for our guests shows the circle of the year of a vine.

Numerous Heurigen nerby invite the guests to taste their wines and enjoy their dishes.

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