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Event dates

Event dates are dates with a particularly high demand for overnight accommodation (main season).

Due to the high and early occupancy of these appointments, there are special provisions regarding reservations and room prices.

The following rules apply to event dates:

  • Reservations for event dates are possible from 2 nights.

  • The booking can only be canceled as an entire booking, no reduction to 1 night possible.

  • The reservation must be made in writing and you will receive an email from me as a booking confirmation.


The following dates are part of event dates:

  • Easter

  • Wachau Wine Spring - First weekend in May

  • Wachau solstice - end of June

  • Apricot festival Stein / Donau - mid-July

  • Apricot Kirtag Spitz / Danube - mid-July

  • Riesling Festival Weißenkirchen - mid-August

  • Wachau Wine Autumn - Friday-Sunday in September & October

  • all extended weekends

  • etc.

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